I contacted Debt Chaser with a debt which had been outstanding for 6 months and seemed impossible to collect. I found the company helpful from the beginning and I felt relieved that they took on the debt to collect for me. They successfully collected the debt very quickly and I was happy to receive the collected monies less their commission and get on with my business

Y. D Gibson’s Restaurant

Debt Chaser is a professional company and I gave them three small debts initially to collect which they successfully collected and I have now asked them to collect all my debts over 120 days automatically giving me more time to concentrate on my small business

S.H Toffee Web Developers

Our company trades in giftware and have always had some slow payers but recently we seemed to be getting more and more. Debt Chaser advised on a collection system and successfully pushed some debtors to pay helping our cash flow problems

C C Post & Paddock

I have recently used Debt Chaser to collect outstanding monies from a person who took the funds for a project and never started work. The pressure which was put on the client legally was enough to shake the contractor in returning the funds

Shopping for Good

Lee and his team have successfully collected a number of problem debts from me, he has a great understanding of the formal debt collection process and explains the legal jargon in plain English, highly recommended.

Daniel Laming from Humres Recruitment Ltd

DebtChaser offer a very cost effective service to our business, not only from a financial perspective but more importantly a time perspective allowing my staff to concentrate on their core role and not hours chasing late and unpaid Invoices which is a timely and frustrating process. I have employed the services of Debtchaser and Lee for over 3 years now and my experience as a director tells me it’s the right service for us, especially the no win no fee option which is genuine and without fuss.

Adrian Meckelenburgh from Adrian Mecklenburgh Ltd

The advice Debtchaser offered even before we engaged their services was priceless to our business, it allowed us to make an educated decision to instigate proceedings ultimately leading to the successful recovery of our debt which was substantial. Extremely quick service, a free appraisal of the debt which also saved us money in relation to not having to engage a solicitor. Well done.

Russel from Britannia Entertainments Ltd

Debtchaser…It does exactly what is says on the tin! Simple, cost effective and it works!

Russel Stokes

Essential Solutions Kent Ltdl Staff was delighted when Debtchaser Ltd  recovered 100 per cent of the debt owed to them. Craig Knight Director, said: “We were impressed with the recovery rate and found the service very easy to use. We would definitely use Debtchaser again and would recommend them without hesitation.

Craig Knight from Essential Solutions Kent Ltd

Elec-Services have utilized the services of Debt Chaser Ltd for around 6 months. In that time they have provided an excellent, all-round professional service significantly reducing our aged debt. The team is extremely helpful and responsive and provide frequent and detailed updates on progress made. I would have no hesitation in recommending Debtchaser to any business.


We use Debtchaser Ltd to collect those debts that are proving difficult and time consuming. They are very efficient and get results in a very short time saving us time and money.