Overdue Invoice Recovery

Debt Chaser will undertake single and multiple invoice debt recovery. It can work with you in an ’ad hoc’ way or can act as an outsourced collection service for overdue invoices at a specified date (60/90/120days etc).

Cash flow to any business is crucial and the life blood to survival.

Many sole traders and larger companies do not have the time to continually chase outstanding debtors who persistently fail to pay on time or pay at all. It is not unusual for some outstanding invoices to be ‘written off’ because it has been too troublesome, tiresome or distracting to the main business and in some cases costing more than the value of the invoice.

Debt Chaser has an expert team to work for you in collecting these debts and returning the outstanding funds back into your cash flow.

Why borrow more when you have already worked for outstanding money which could be collected?

Assignment of your outstanding invoice to Debt Chaser for recovery

On assignment Debt Chaser will endeavour to contact your debtor within 48 hours informing the debtor that all communication needs to be routed via Debt Chaser in future and that the debt has been legally assigned to Debt Chaser for recovery.

This removes you and your staff from the numerous calls, emotions and time-wasting caused by chasing the debt and clearly tells the debtor that a process is now in place to require payment without further excuses or suffer subsequent insolvency procedures.

Debt Chaser will liaise with you concerning your case /s keeping you informed at all times of progress. You will be assigned your own unique log-in to the Debt Chaser website giving you 24/7 access to all collection activity on your behalf. You will be sent automatic updates to your computer and telephone also.

After 21 days only the debtor will be sent Statutory Demand Enclosures which must be acted upon legally and at this point Debt Chaser will make sure the debtor is fully aware of the consequences of not paying the debt and will be pursued to the point of legal action.