No Win - No Fee

No Win- No Fee is a term you may well have heard of but may not fully understand the structure.

Debt Chaser will not charge you for any work including travel to meetings, telephone conversations, and work towards collecting the debt, fees to collect the debt when required, until the debt is recovered.

The percentage fee to be paid to Debt Chaser for recovering the debt will have been agreed in writing prior to any work being done and you will have signed and have a copy of this agreement with its terms and conditions.

On assignment of the debt, Debt Chaser will pursue the debt to recovery and receive the funds into a designated client account. Debt Chaser will retain its agreed commission and send electronically the remainder of collected funds immediately back to you.

Debt Chaser retains the right to charge you on an hourly basis for any work undertaken for you within the terms and conditions which you will have signed) if it is clear the information you gave was incorrect.