Commercial Debt Recovery

Debt Chaser focuses on insolvency law to secure an early payment to you from the debtor. The ‘can’t pays’ are separated from the ‘won’t pays’.

The ‘can’t pays’ are pursued making sure that ‘No’ isn’t an option to pay and the debtor is given every sensible method of payment to secure your outstanding debt.

The ‘won’t pays’ are targeted with insolvency procedures rather than traditional and often ineffective ‘ small claims’ that lead to CCJ’s (County Court Judgments). Debt Chaser has experts who will undertake these procedures for you.

Using powerful new legislation brought in from across Europe, Debt Chaser will leverage your debtors to pay quickly using firm credit control techniques.

The success of these techniques has been such that Debt Chaser can work on a ‘No Win – No Fee basis’ because of the confidence in collecting the debt for its clients.

Debt Chaser will undertake Commercial debt recovery based on an initial discussion with each new client.